To cool off after a hot day, we have our own swimming pool.
Walking and Biking
There are many walking routes, be they long or short, for the active or just recreation.
The surroundings are hilly but generally the climbs are not too steep. Pleasant enough to enjoy a cycle trip. But should you wish a tough climb, that too is possible.

Five km drive away at Tulle or twenty-five km drive away at Argentat, you can rent canoes and go down the river Corrèze or Dordogne.

Other water-sports
The Lac du Causse, a beautiful 90 ha lake, situated between the foot of the mountains and the ruin of Chateau de Couzages, is at a 25 km drive from the camping. You can swim (lifeguard present), water-ski, windsurf, sail and fish.
Golf club the Brive Planchetorte near the city of Brive la Gaillarde, has 18-hole greens and is 5950 meter long. There are 14 exercise areas of which 8 are covered. They also have a putting green bunker.

Summer festivals
Near the camping are several small villages. They organize their own summer programmes: brocante, food festivals as well as other activities well worth attending.

Historical interesting sites

Rocamadour, a much-visited place for pilgrimage.
It is situated near the river of Alzou, 180m up the wall of an enormously steep mountain.

Cave of Lascaux, in the limestone massif in the valley of the Vezère.
Famous for their magnificent 17.000-year-old Upper Palaeolithic wall paintings. Picasso said on exiting the cave in 1940, the year it was discovered: “We have invented nothing”. The original site has been closed for the public, but since 1963 in a cave nearby, replicas can be seen in Lascaux II nearby.

Gouffre de Padirac, an almost 100m deep well, leading to underground passages, created by an underground river.
Down below, you can use a lift or stairs and you can make a boat trip.

Le Truffadou, a steam-locomotive that has run between Bordeaux and Aurillac since 1889. The railway has been cut in a steep mountainside near Mirandol, 80m up from the river below. The name, Le Truffadou, derived from the transport by train of truffles. An expensive delicacy.

Gimel-les Cascades, water falls in the gorges of the Montane, from a height of 143m.


Collonges-la Rouge, one of the most beautiful villages in France.
The houses, small castles, and the market place are made of red sandstone. The roofs are covered with slate.